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Welcome to site PBBoard
What is PBBoard ?

Program PBBoard is interactive Forum management program Dialogic
Free classified software Free and open source
is located under the GNU GPL is written in PHP
and based on engine MySQL databases and enjoy the administrative
control panel is easy to use and simplified installation process
Just as is the case with previous versions
so you can get a free forum Ready within a few minutes .
PBBoard your site will be given a special elegance
and contribute to its success due to the high volume of Features
Customizable and modification in addition
to the standard-conforming interface standard! .
The program PBBoard integration between design standard high-level
addition to the degree of safety High
multi-lingual and the most important features lightness
and high - speed protection Add Management control panel
with a comprehensive system additions code ( Mods )
and also features Easy installation and control
as well as ongoing technical support
and instant updates for errors Templates Multiple
and many of the required features that are available in months other forums
Founded in 2009 , achieved the proliferation and success within a short period .